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Founded in the year 2000 after several hundred survey forms answered by the community members, which an online LGBT portal is definitely a good source of  information centre. This is how forPLU E-zine was established to serve the needs.

Beside the valuable information page, forPLU has a directory links of local business establishments which covers fashion, health and spa, pets, entertainment outlets and etc. Updates of events and activities in town is one of our highest hits page.

Our Vision

Engage, empower, educate and to enhance the community's understanding and awareness by providing information, resources and referrals on LGBT related issues.

Our Mission

Resources center in providing information on LGBT related issues;

  1. Personal counseling
  2. Legal advices
  3. Support groups
  4. Business network
  5. Social network


Found  by 2 biological women. Both Chinese Malaysian. but sad, one of them has left us.

No matter what, forPLU.com is still strong and running!     


Official Mascot



Chinese FtM who is rather serious looking. So best not to mess with this person.....but without him, you wont be reading this now.



Chief Homo Editor

Our senior is back! Yes...cheers!

A chinese mixed butch who has started the website with us since day one. Now she is back with more...



PR Manager

1st Andro in our team.

She is friendly, gentle, sociable and loves photography. She has her camera with her 24/7.

Her smile is charming too, so you will either 'captured' by her smile or camera. No third choice!





back to home town for good

This little butch is cute and talkative. She is very sharp in taking photos especially at certain spots!

So beware...you may be on candid camera!







just graduated and stepping into the real world

Our 1st femme on the team. Yes 'Femme'! This beautiful girl is Thai mix..( yes! international blood). She is friendly, bi-lingual, sporting but is a little shy too. So...don't disturb!






MtF from Sunway. This Chinese lady is friendly and helpful. When you need help, she is the right person.


Event DJ

PLU DJ....YES! DJ Q Lock will be spinning for our functions/parties.  Specialize in R&B music

Event Coordinator

new women! who just joined our team. we are still discovering more about her.

Event Coordinator


2 positions available

(APPLY NOW, next event is coming soon)


 Special thanks to Fabian Doles

Vivian Choe




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